How To Manage Financial Care For Elderly Parents

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Learn how to financially provide and care for aging parents without facing a monetary hardship or setback. Financial Care For Elderly is a basic necessity that you need to understand.

How To Manage Financial Care For Elderly Parents

Many people are responsible for the care of their aging parents. Whether by circumstance or personal choice, being accountable for the supervision of a parent(s) is a substantial personal and financial responsibility. Here are several tips and words of advice to help those who love and care for aging parents in need.

Parental Care Tips and Advice

One of the most important roles a person can play in the life of an aging parent is knowing when to intervene. When it becomes evident that a parent is no longer able to take care of himself or herself adequately, intervention is vital. Learn how to discuss the situation with the loved one, and let that individual know help is warranted out of love, not contempt.

Understand and know where the parent keeps vital personal information. With all the necessary paperwork and proper knowledge, one can know how to proceed and what actions need to be taken. Does the parent have a will? Does the parent have military records? Those are just some of the critical documents required by the caregiver.

Once the need for medical care has been established, it’s essential to determine and decide what type of care is required. If the parent can live alone, make a point to know if financial and medical needs are being handled.

Are the bills being paid? Are proper prescriptions being filled? Is the house safe in case of an emergency, such as a fall? Is home nursing care needed?

Make sure all the ground is covered, and if any need is not being met, make the proper inquiries. Give your parent peace of mind knowing everything is under control financially, and their safety and medical needs are being handled.

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Care

If the situation requires care that can’t be met at home, the parent may need assisted living to meet specific care needs. Many people can’t afford to have a parent live with them, so assisted living is always an option.

Financial Care For Elderly spreadsheet

Understand the medical needs of the parent, and place that individual in the level of care that coincides with the demands. Scout various assisted living facilities for the proper atmosphere, care, and social activity setting that best caters to the loved one. Help the parent feel “at home” even though the new surroundings are unfamiliar.

The family needs to understand the cost of assisted living. Medicare does not pay for assisted living, so the financial requirements fall at the feet of the family.

Understand the contract and the obligations that are expected. Never agree or sign the contract without knowing the options and establishing a financial plan to cover the cost of assisted living.

When a parent reaches the stage where more extensive care is needed, a nursing home is an option. As with the assisted living process, it’s vital to scout various nursing homes and understand the cost and options.

Nursing facilities can be costly, so make sure the financial means are there before placing a loved one in a nursing facility. Medicare may cover certain costs, but don’t expect this to cover all medical and personal health needs.

Financial Care For Elderly Ways to Save Money

Before considering any of the above options, make a plan. Understand personal financial obligations, and “tweak” any payment plans on the home, car, etc. By taking advantage of various payment options, money can be saved.

Financial Care For Elderly checklist

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Once again, Medicare can help, but it’s essential to make a plan and not entirely rely on government assistance. Parental help is needed when a loved one requires financial and medical care, but it’s important to know when to intervene and when to step aside. Never be afraid to ask for financial assistance from the extended family or friends of the family.

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