Tips on Bathroom Safety for Elderly – with FREE Printable Checklist

Bathroom Safety for Elderly is important! There are some simple options to create an easy access bathroom, but the key is in the planning and preparation. If we could all build from scratch, it would be easy.

bathroom safety precautions for elderly

New bathrooms and renovations are very complex. Almost every trade is involved, and as most of their work is behind the walls, you need to have an excellent idea of your final room layout before you start.

Tips on Bathroom Safety for Elderly

Sadly, most of us can’t start from scratch and have to work with what we have. There is usually a budget in mind too, but we want to make the space fo our parents as safe as possible.

Safe bathtubs for seniors

A custom shower enables you to have a level entry. Often this is done by cutting the floor beneath the shower to get a slope towards the drain. There are also flooring systems that can be installed over the existing floor, which gently raise the floor level towards the shower so the water can drain inside the shower.

This will allow a user to slide or roll into the shower. Remember to position the shower mixers lower than usual so they can be accessed from a lower level. The key to getting this right is making sure you have the position of the showerhead and ledge or seat worked out and installed before the water-proofing is done.

Tips on Bathroom Safety for Elderly Bars

Again, if you aren’t blessed enough to build from scratch, then there are other options. Grab bars should be installed, and at several different angles and levels. Think both horizontal and vertical.

While thinking “sturdy”, people often grab the thicker bars. This can be a mistake if they are too big for your parent to grab onto easily and prevent slipping or falling. We like this one on Amazon. Makes sure you have one handy for people to hang on to when they get in and out of the shower.

Bathroom Safety for Elderly: Elevated Toilets

As simple a thing as setting on a toilet is, it is a bit challenging when you get older. That stool can seem lower than they might remember, and it is a little harder to get up and off of it than it used to be. A simple fix is a glorified booster chair. We found that this elevated toilet seat was the best tool for getting the job done, so to speak.

Also, items that are wall-mounted, such as vanities or towel racks, should be anchored in for better support. They often end up being used as a quick stbility support and won’t help much if they come off of the wall.

How to make a bathroom safe for seniors

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Anti Slip Floors For Seniors

Wet feet mean accidents foremost people. Stepping into the shower may be easier with that grab bar, but a good anti-slip shower mat is important too. We like this gem from Amazon that is under twenty bucks.

Let’s not forget an anti-slip bath mat for when they step out of the shower! We don’t want them to fall before they get dried off either! This one comes in three different sizes and a huge range of colors! See it here.

If standing for a while is an issue for your parent, might we suggest getting a shower seat? Once they get in the shower, they can have a seat to get clean. We like this one with a backrest and handles for stability.

Remember, always work to a plan, and consult your builder, plumber, bathroom professional, or home health group for more tips. We want to help them keep their dignity as they age and their body starts to fail them.

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